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This book came at the PERFECT time.

I was looking for a good devotional.

Today is Your Best Day, by Roy Lessin, helps you discover 60 life-changing reasons -all with biblical perspective.
A wonderful reminder that God loves us. That He is with us. That He cares. I need those reminders on those hard days.

To remember that when things don't go my way, they are going just they way they are suppose to be going. His plan is perfect.

When momma has raised her voice yet again.

When things seem to go wrong all day.

Today Is Your Best Day!

I love the quotes that are through out the book. 

"Your best day is not founded in what you've accomplished, but in who you are in Christ."

"Living in God's will brings you the deepest peace, the greatest joy, and the highest purpose you can know" 

Let's be reminded again and again that TODAY IS YOUR BEST DAY!

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I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.