Spring has sprung. Weather here has been beautiful. Yesterday we took advantage of the warm tempretures.

We had lunch by the river.

After tummies were full, the kids started to explore. The biggest mission,to see if the river was still cold. After putting their feet in the water and finding that the water was indeed cold, they kept exploring.

They found a place beside the river that had still, shallow water. The water there was warm. Shoes came off, pants rolled and in they went. A few mintues later they heard a sound. Looking and looking for the source of the sound, they found that the shallow water was home to frogs. Of course these are boys we are taking about. Chasing and trying to catch the frogs soon followed. I was kind of surprised to know that they didn't like touching them. I thought all boys liked holding frogs. They did manage to catch them after finding a cup. When the chasing was over, we sat on the bank of the river and observed.

We took note of their color. Some were brighter than the others, why?
We watched and listened when the croaked.
We watched the play "leap frog".
We watched them swim ,and just float in the water.

After we got home, we went online to identify the frogs. We then read why some were brighter than others. Why their chins get bigger when they croak. How they croak. Why they croak.

I would say that we had a great impromtu school day, down by the river. These are the days that make me sigh with that happy sigh. We had school, and it was fun! Now, to get Math and Language Arts to be that fun!