Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Homeschooling ~ Do you have a question?

We took our 5 yr old tubing for his birthday. We haven't had much snow here and the boys were getting upset about not being able to sled. We decided to take them to the snow.

I stayed in the warming hut with a friend and the little ones. It was fun watching the skiers and snowboarders fall do their thing.

While we were there another lady came and sat beside us. As we began having a conversation, she asked about school. She asked if I had to take the kids out of school. ( I should have told her nope, they are in school! This is PE!)

That's when I told her we homeschool!

The questions began!

The questions were not "negative" but her tone was.

I tried my best to answer he questions as best as I could.

"Do you teach all of the kids or do you have someone come and teach them?"
"Do you have to report to the schools"
"How do you know what to teach?"
"Do your kids have to test like the rest of the kids?"

I am a first generation homeschool mom, but my husband was homeschooled.
Even though I have tough days, I am still glad that we have made the decision to school at home.

Being that I wasn't homeschooled I know that there are family and friends who may wonder about homeschooling.

I am opening up the floor for questions.

Do you have questions for me and homeschooling?
You can leave a comment here or you can email me


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