Thursday, April 15, 2010

Little Alanna

I have posted before about little Alanna. This post is to give you more information about what is going on and asking you to keep praying.

Yesterday I got go to see Alanna. Let me tell you, this was one of the hardest things to see.

Alanna had surgery last Wednesday. Since the surgery her recovery has been a roller coaster ride. Last weekend she started having seizure like movements. They now have her on medicine for that, and that in itself has sedated her more than she was. She is on an EEG machine to monitor all of her brain activity. To see if and when she is having the seizures. A plus from being on this machine is that they can tell she is responding to Daniel and Rebecca's voice.

Daniel and Rebecca are really feeling helpless. They feel that they can't do anything for her. They can't hold her, they can't feed her. I assured them that they are doing what they can. They sit and talk to her, and hold her hand. She squeezes their fingers in response. They sit and read to her! It's amazing to watch them with her. Every time they leave the room, they kiss her head and tell her that they love her. They are wore out! Emotionally drained.

Today Alanna had a bad day. Her blood pressure dropped really low. For now that is all I know. They have her stable. They are waiting on more tests and will make a decision on Monday as to whether they will have to go back in and put a shunt in her heart.

Would you help spread the word. Let's get a lot of people praying for this dear little girl. There is power in prayer!

Thank you!!

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