Thursday, September 11, 2014

A new school year!

We now have our first week of school under our belt.

This year we are trying something new. A four day school week, Monday through Thursday. Friday a day off. Getting the house ready so that we can enjoy the weekend or a day for field trips. Or, like tomorrow, a day going grocery shopping.  Friday will also be a day of catch up if the kids need it to finish their school work for the week.

We are easing into things this year and so far we are enjoying school. So much so that they kids are thanking me everyday for teaching them.  This melts my heart. There are times when I question if I am doing a good job or if they are getting it. Is this really what I am called to do. Then I have little moments like this.

Their favorite subject so far? Science!

This is thanks to the amazing people from Apologia.Their Science is amazing.
This year we are going through Anatomy and Physiology. 

Here is a glimpse of school this week.

The hardest issue so far is handling the toddler while we do school. We try to involve him as much as we can but when it comes to certain things I need to give the others my attention. That's when he strikes. Getting into anything and everything he can think of. Most of this week he has been learning how to be calm and sit while we do school. And most of the week this has been his face. 

Here's to another great school year!!

"By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches." Proverbs 24:3&4

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I am a bad blogger

I guess you can call me a bad blogger.

I haven't blogged much this summer because I have been enjoying my family.

This summer has been very busy and very full. So much so that the kids came to me and asked me when they were going to have their summer break. 

Memories have been made.

We have been to Six Flags, and Washington D.C.

We have been to Blackwater Falls, and Seneca Rocks.

The kids have been to 4H camp and Camp Grrmamaw. (Horse camp)

We have been camping a few times. 

Now we are in fair season. Where, as of right now, they will be attending 3 fairs.

A bad blogger?  Sure! I will take it. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A summer to remember ~ Bowmania Style

The temps are rising, but that doesn't mean we are going to sit inside all summer and do nothing.  This year I wanted to do more with the kids. Since I have been getting into shape and feeling so much better in general I am ready to go out and do something.

I wanted to keep my expectations lower. I tend to make them high and then my bubble gets burst and I am left disappointing at what we didn't do. This summer I have ideas that I want to do but if we don't get to them that is fine too. I just want it to be a summer to remember.

So far this summer we have gone camping. To which we saw a bear because it came into our camping spot!

During the school year the kids participated in the Six Flags Succeed to Read Program.  Free tickets to Six Flags just for reading? Umm YES! I too received a ticket since I am their teacher. The poor Principal had to pay for his own ticket.

After a day at the amusement (a musical park as Selah calls it) we went into Washington DC.  The kids had never been there and it had been years since I was there. We did a lot of walking but the kids had a blast.

We have gone swimming, swimming, and more swimming.

I will post in detail about our awesome trips.

We are having a great summer so far. I was looking back at last years summer and we had already been to the hospital/doctor 2 times in 4 days for something. So far, so good this summer. :) (knock on wood)

Do you  remember this?

Do you have summer plans?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

4H horse camp 2014 ~ Isaiah's Thoughts

4H horse camp

Isaiah's thoughts

It was good.

I was the Ishkatay for the first time. The Ishkatay is the person that starts the first during council circle.

I met new friends and saw old friends.

My favorite part of camp was being able to start the fire.
My least favorite part of camp was being really cold at night.

Monday, June 2, 2014

2014 4H Horse Camp ~ Zion's Thoughts

horse camp 2014

Zion's thoughts

We got there late after leaving papers at home and then there was a tree in the road on the way back. After finally arriving we unloaded the horses and then went to tractor supply to get shavings that were dry. I needed to get another helmet but the one that I wanted was gone, so we called mommy and she found one at another TSC.

When we had everything unloaded we went to our tribal meetings so that we could get to know everyone.
Then of course we had to eat, which was pizza. yum! and then council circle.

I met some friends that I had not seen since last year at camp that was so fun.

Even though it was bed time, a lot of talking was going on b/c it wasn't lights out so I couldn't get to sleep. Even after lights out they were still talking. Finally, they fell asleep and so did I.

The next day I was up bright and early.

At horse camp, the horses have to be tended too before we have breakfast.
To take care of the horses we water and feed them and we make sure there are not manure stains on them.
That way when we ride them, they look fancy.
We also clean their stalls so that they will have a nice place to rest during the day. I mean come on, who wants to sleep in their own poop?

Then we eat!

After our belly's are full it's time to groom and tack up.

During the grooming process, we make sure that tail doesn't have shavings in it and and use a soft, rubber, curry comb to groom them.

Then we ride!!!

My horse freaked out during the first class because she didn't know her buddy was in the same class. She reared when I got on her. I tried my best to stay on but that didn't happen. I did land on my feet though. Honey Bunny finally settled down when she realized that Royal was in the same class.  (Royal is the horse Isaiah rides)

The first day we had a ton of rain. About 3-4 inches actually. During the second day the sun started peeking out after our first class and the rest of the day was beautiful. But there were huge puddles in the riding ring.

We ate, yet again., and then we rode, again. This happened all weekend.

It was a great time to bond with my horse even more.

This year my favorite part about camp was being with my friends.
My least favorite part was freezing at night.

I can not wait until camp next year!

Monday, May 19, 2014

FREEBIES and FULL Curriculum Giveaway for Math

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If you have another math you are using, try us out as a supplemental math. Once you use A+, you will want will see how great of a program it is and you won't want to go back.

Speaking of supplemental math concepts. This is a great way for kids to learn Money concepts.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's okay to let them ask!

While we were out to eat last weekend with Grandmama, the brothers were picking on their sister. The weekend is when she is on dishes duty.  Being that we were at the restaurant on a Saturday afternoon, they kept telling her that she had to wash all of the dishes. 

When our waitress came to check on us, they told her about what they said to their sister. The lady smiled and looked at Selah and explained that it doesn't take long to do the dishes at all. She then told them how they wash the dishes. Of course, the kids wanted to see how that worked. And that they did. Our waitress took them back to the kitchen.

I love when things like that happen.

The kids told her that they were homeschooled and that they were learning something new that day. Learning never stops!

The kids are not afraid to ask to see how something works. How else will they learn, is what they say.
Most people are very eager to show them too. They love that kids are interested in what they are doing.

 Let the kids ask. Don't get embarrassed. I used too. I would want to hide under the table when they asked. Now, not so much. I love that they are willing to learn more and more each day. I love that they know that asking isn't a bad thing.

My prayer is that this eagerness of more knowledge will flow in their walk with the Lord. That they won't be afraid to ask the hard questions.  I pray that they will acquire and seek knowledge. To grow closer to the Savior.